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This is B.O.M.B. Squad's flagship  engagement method. Inspired by training styles of our Nation's best and bravest, you will train outside (weather permitting) using unconventional equipment allowing you to get the most out of a true full-body workout. This will be a self-discovery challenge to your mind and body  but the program is created in a way to help you achieve that which you haven't before.


B.O.M.B. Squad Fitness offers the highest quality one-on-one training with certified and insured Trainers. We use exclusive locations with the most updated equipment and training techniques.

Practical Sports Interval Training is circuit training with timing that relates to the duration of active intervals during a play and the rest in between plays. The exercises are set up to mimic an action on the field of play while the workouts focus more on replicating the intensity of a play versus just working out to build mass. You will benefit by becoming more explosive and agile while getting a great cardio workout.

300 Tough is a program that will safely and accurately help you to prepare for ANY obstacle course race or event. With exercises that mimic the type of movements required to  breeze passed any obstacle. We will educate you in the safest ways to approach these obstacles throughout the workouts so that you can safely and efficiently finish with a smile on your face and pride in your heart.


Warrior Restoration is a recovery solution that is a combination of Yoga and military inspired movements, with a focus in mind/body connective breathing techniques.

This is a slow-paced but powerful challenge. In this one-hour training evolution, you will task your body to slow its tempo and focus on the specific muscles for each movement-to-pose. After completing each session, you will come to understand that you don’t have to constantly work at such high speeds and intensities to achieve your fitness goals. You will notice significant improvement in your movement and ability to operate more efficiently for longer durations. Bring a mat or beach towel, water/source of hydration and a positive mental attitude that is ready and willing to accept the challenge.

B.O.M.B. Squad Fitness was founded on the concept that the human body was made to move and movement keeps you healthy. Exercise does not have to come from spending hours in the gym if you spend time throughout day moving. This is where our group events and outings come in. Let's spend a day at the beach, or go for a hike or even a weekend camping trip. Yoga at the Outer Harbor or try a new local gym together. It doesn't matter, long as we stay moving and have fun with our community.

Have a group of friends that you would like to train with? B.O.M.B. Squad Fitness offers the same high quality training with your small group (up to 4 people) and our certified/insured Trainers, but in a private setting. We use exclusive locations with the most updated equipment and training techniques.